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Oct. 24 2014

2:00pm to        Marketing

4:00pm            Strategies for

                      Small Business

Sept. 26 2014

2:00pm to         Intellectual 

4:00pm             Property and 

                      Small Business

Aug. 15 2014

2:00pm to         FDA and Your

4:00pm             Business

Aug. 11 2012

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Aug. 25 2012

2:00pm to 4:00 pm





Oct. 27 2012 

2:00pm to 4:00pm

Nov. 10 2012

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Queens Go Green Seminar 


NYC Licensing and Regulation---NYC Department of Consumer Affairs  

International Trade 


Intellectual property protection 


ZCCA is a IRS 501(c6) non-profit organization located in Flushing, New York.


Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of America offers a number of services to the members and community. Each of these activities helps member by offering information and advice helpful to their business, as well as opportunities for meeting other business chambers, working with other businesses and groups in China and US.


03/14/2012 Strategic Partner with Hispanice Chamber of Commerce of Queens  

02/17/2012 Meeing With National Minority Business Council 

02/26/2012 File Tax With IRS Volunteers and Four CPA 

01/29/2012 ZCCA Successfully Held “Overseas Chinese Start a Business to Get Rich--Taxation” Lecture

12/18/2011 ZCCA Successfully Held “Merchants Start a Business” Lecture

09/24/2011 ZCCA Successfully Held “Overseas Chinese Merchants Start a Business”

09/22/2011 ZCCA Joined the Lecture about Flushing Economy Held by New York State Comptroller

09/22/2011 ZCCA Held “Overseas Chinese Merchants Start a Business” Press Conference

09/19/2011 ZCCA Welcomed Zhejiang Representatives of the NPC

09/13/2011 ZCCA and ICN Hold an “American Zhejiang Conversation” Program

09/03/2011 ZCCA Joined the Exhibition for the Revolution of 1911

08/15/2011 ZCCA Visited Mingjian Lv

08/08/2011 A Welcoming Feast for Huaibei City Hall Visiting Group Held by ZCCA

07/24/2011 The Vice President Mr. Zhou was Invited to Columbia University by SBA

04/17/2011 A Feast for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce of America (ZCCA) Housewarming

03/12/2011 Having Breakfast with Federal Reserve Bank of New York Executives

02/25/2011 Political and Commercial Circles Got Together to Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of ZCCA

02/05/2011 New Year Party for American Adoptive Parents

01/29/2011 Vice Mayor Xiaoding Ding Visited New York

01/29/2011 ZCCA Held Chinese New Year Party

01/21/2011 New York Current Research Council Held a Council about the Influence of Meeting of Chairman Hu and President Obama Over Sino- U.S. Relation

12/06/2010 The Evening Party for Vice Mayor of Shaoxing and Shaoxing Association

11/19/2010 The Foreign Economic Relation & Trade Commissioners of Chongqing City Visited the U.S. Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of China

11/13/2010  SAFA Held a Conference at Globe Institute of Technology

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