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Oct. 24 2014

2:00pm to        Marketing

4:00pm            Strategies for

                      Small Business

Sept. 26 2014

2:00pm to         Intellectual 

4:00pm             Property and 

                      Small Business

Aug. 15 2014

2:00pm to         FDA and Your

4:00pm             Business

Aug. 11 2012

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Aug. 25 2012

2:00pm to 4:00 pm





Oct. 27 2012 

2:00pm to 4:00pm

Nov. 10 2012

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Queens Go Green Seminar 


NYC Licensing and Regulation---NYC Department of Consumer Affairs  

International Trade 


Intellectual property protection 


Individual Member


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Leecezhi                                  Email:CezhiLeefb30@gmail.com

ZhaoYeegon                    Email:ZhaoYGongmaSH@yahoo.com





Zheng Wang

Newcomers High School


TakalaLand DanceStudio

Works at Takala Land Dance Studio


Pizhong Zhou

Works at M78星雲光之國


Mengya Zhang



Lina Mei

珠寶部門顧問 at 纽约聚宝拍卖 Jubaoauction.com


Miaolong Weng

Newtown High School


Ke Di Dai

Lower East Side Preparatory High School


Sarah Lin

GI Technician at Flushing Endoscopy Center


Lily Huang



Ryan Huang

Queens College, City University of New York


Juliet Huang


Judy Wong

Whitestone, New York


Ella Lin

Works at L&L Tours


Alex Huang

Works at Morgan Stanley


Changqi Li

Owner at Sweets Boutique Bakery & Cafe, Inc


Huimin Wu

New York, New York


Jeff Lin

College Point, New York





Qidu Dao






NY China Press

Works at The China Press《侨报》


Ming Mei

New York, New Yor


Norman KL Chu





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