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Oct. 24 2014

2:00pm to        Marketing

4:00pm            Strategies for

                      Small Business

Sept. 26 2014

2:00pm to         Intellectual 

4:00pm             Property and 

                      Small Business

Aug. 15 2014

2:00pm to         FDA and Your

4:00pm             Business

Aug. 11 2012

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Aug. 25 2012

2:00pm to 4:00 pm





Oct. 27 2012 

2:00pm to 4:00pm

Nov. 10 2012

2:00pm to 4:00pm


Queens Go Green Seminar 


NYC Licensing and Regulation---NYC Department of Consumer Affairs  

International Trade 


Intellectual property protection 



An Introduction to US EB-5 Investment Immigration Handbook  11/27/2012



US EB-5 Investment Immigration handbook contains market research, trading license, import and export trading, commercial loans, government procurement, internet marketing, consumer products safety, food safety, and business consultation.


Editors: Dingkang Yao, Liman Guo, Zhongfang Dai, Rugui Chen, Jing Zhao

Chief Translator: Liman Kuo


Translators: Ying Liu, Jun Ni, Yihang Hu, Manman Chen, Siyuan Ding

The U.S. Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of America (ZCCA) Helped Chinese People with Their Employment and Assisted Resorts World Casino  11/17/2012


The president of ZCCA Mr. Dai and Small Business Administration held a press conference to announce that Resorts World Casino will hold a job affair on Nov. 17th.                                                  >> Read More


Presenting Business Owner’s Manual to Queens Library    11/13/2012


     The U.S. Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of America (ZCCA) and Flushing Queens Library held a press conference on the afternoon of Nov. 13th.                                                                                       >> Read More


Commercial Handbook Editing Committee of ZCCA  11/11/2012


American Trading Handbook is supported by ZCCA, American Import & Export Association, and many other organizations.                           >> Read More


Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of American (ZCCA) Welcomed Guangdong Culture Society Visiting Group   11/09/2012


       The president of Guangdong Culture society Mr. Li and the president of the U.S. Business Unit Betty Li visited ZCCA on Nov. 19th for building good relationship between China and the U.S.      >> Read More

Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of American (ZCCA) welcomed the visiting group from China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCOIC)   10/28/2012


      On Oct.28th, the director of promotion department of supply and marketing committee of CCOIC was warmly welcomed by ZCCA.


The U.S. Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce of America (ZCCA) Helped Build a Relationship between Sino-American Educations   10/26/2012


The principal of American Fenster H.S. Antony visited ZCCA in August and seek to build relationships with high schools in China.              >> Read More


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